Pursuing Intimacy by Seeking His Presence

Speaker: Edmund Chan
Date: 2012/03/18
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We have to understand that Intimacy with God is not a key to being blessed or is not something we deserve.  Intimacy with God in itself is the blessing and we can only enjoy this intimacy if God Himself invites us to be intimate with Him.  It is not a prize for good behavior rather it is an act of love of our Father to invite us into His presence.  But we cannot fully feel God’s presence in our life if we only allow Him to take a small part of our life, God has to be in every part of our life, of our being in order for us to experience being radically revived and transformed.  He has to be the Lord of all the areas of our life.  How we experience His presence in our life will be unique for each person but the most important thing is not how we experience God’s presence but rather how our hearts respond to His presence.

There are Four Truths about Intimacy with God that we should understand:

1.              God takes delight in intimacy with us and He invites us to it.
2.              It is a God-given birthright for all humanity.
3.              It takes Trust, not just time.
4.              Intimacy with God results in redemptive acts of love

Because our God is a god of grace and love, He has given us the grandest and most profound invitation – to be intimate with Him, to be a part of His life, His power, His glory, His promises, His victory, His power and His presence.  When we tap into this then we realize that it is not about our strength and abilities but rather it is about His power and His presence in our lives.  It is His desire for all of us to enjoy this intimacy with Him. . . to have Him be a part of our lives. . . because this is what He designed us for.  This is why He created us.  But Intimacy with God does not only require time from us, more than the time we can spend with Him, God asks us to Trust Him.  Entrust to Him every aspect of our life, because He wants to be a part of our lives — not just in the big things, but in the little things as well.  When we have learned to entrust our lives to God, He will use us in His work of redemption. . . after all we are being blessed so that we can be a blessing to others.

*Artwork from CCF Manila