Intimacy with God affects Decisions

Speaker: Pastor Insong Nolan
Date: 2012/07/22
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“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14

Intimacy with God changes our perspective and priorities in life.  It is this relationship with God that helps us make the right decisions.  There are always two choices in life:  the broad road and the narrow road.  Often times we are inclined to take the broad road, but Jesus tells us that it is the small gate and the narrow road that leads to eternal life with Him.

Abraham chose the narrow, less popular road.  By faith, he left his homeland and went where the Lord led him.  He did this because he heard God, he saw God and he knew God had a plan for his life.  He honored God, worshiped Him and everywhere he settled he built an altar for the Lord.  He continued to pray to God and called upon to Him.  It was this intimacy with God that helped Abraham make the right decisions in his life.  His decisions were based on faith in God and the understanding that God had a plan for Him.

His nephew Lot, on the other hand chose the broad road and the wide gate.  He chose the well watered plain, the more obvious choice and chose not consult God.  He ended up pitching his tents near Sodom and later on settled in the city.  He knew the wickedness that existed in Sodom and yet he drew near thinking that he would not be affected.  He became an authority in the city, but he could not influence them morally or spiritually.  Lot was a just and righteous man, but he compromised.  And because of his compromises, he was unable to leave a godly legacy even to his own children.

Like Lot, often times we also opt to take the easier road.  When we hear God’s word our first instinct is to hesitate to obey, then we try to argue our way around it and then we try to negotiate with God.  But God will continue to wrestle with us, as He did with Jacob until we break and surrender to Him and then we will be where God wants us to be.

So how do we know what God is commanding us to do?  We have to learn to listen.  To seek Him. To be still and wait to where God will direct us. . .  but this can only be done if we have an intimate relationship with the Father.

Lot was blessed and had lost everything because he made wrong decisions. He had chosen his pleasure over what would give God pleasure. Abraham was blessed and found favor with God, because continued to obey God by faith.  He listened to God and followed where God led him.  He persisted in developing an intimate relationship with God and did not cease to worship Him.